About the Van Spaendonck Fundatie

Van Spaendonck focuses on advice and support in the area of strategy, management and organization. Van Spaendonck created the Van Spaendonck Fundatie in the framework of corporate social responsibility. The Van Spaendonck Fundatie makes an annual amount available for the (co) financing of scientific and practical (research) projects. These projects are aimed at improving the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises/institutions involved in economical sustainability.

These projects aim at: • influencing the public debate on the future agenda. • improving the processes that lead to economic sustainability. These projects usually run through intermediary organisations, because they are able to reach small and medium-sized enterprises/institutions more effectively to contribute to a better business and a better return.

Research areas

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer value
  • Growth through innovation
  • Networking
  • Reputation formation
  • Quality human resources


Composition of the Board:

  • Mr. J.A. Kamps (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. P. Ester
  • Mr. H.B.M. van der Laan